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2020 Halloween candy shoot

Are you celebrating Halloween this year? Will you go #trickortreating? And will you give out candy?

Our girls are divided this year. One wants to stay at home but still #dressup in her #halloweencostume and hand out candy. The other wants to go out, see the spooky decorated houses and of course get some #candy.

Luckily a week ago or so we got a GO for #Halloween from authorities here in Montreal, QC Canada. And so I started researching on how to do things safely since we are still dealing with #Covid19pandemic. Then I saw a post somewhere on Instagram about a man in Toronto making candy shoots! A light bulb went off and I knew what to do.

I wrote a list of things I need to get and planed a trip to a local hardwood store. Funny, that evening I went to garage to get some potatoes for dinner and there in the corner I saw it! Pretty dusty, black long pipe, perfect for my shoot, how lucky I got. So next day I took it out, hosed it inside out and once it all dried up I simply wrapped and taped an orange ribbon around it. Hubby bought the skeleton mask from #Dollarama which I attached only with an elastic rubber band to the end of the pipe. Then we used long zip ties to secure it to the railing. And who-a-la....our spookylicious #candyshoot is ready to go. I am kinda proud of it.

Happy and safe Halloween 2020!


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