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Is it worth it?

A question we might ask ourselves from time to time.

Every day we spend money on things we need, like groceries. Then, we buy things that we don't really need but we have a desire for like that Starbucks cuppa each time we pass by (been there, done that, big time). We often spend money on things that don't hold much value or not for long time but they are things or experiences that make us HAPPY... which is important.

But let me ask you this ...

If for whatever reason you would have to leave your home and you could only take one or two most important things (people & pets aside of course), what would you take?

At first I was going to say my cameras and lenses as they are my livelihood. But I quickly realized I can always replace those (the gear shopping bliss) . So I would definitely grab my photo albums, folio box and framed pictures because if everything else was lost, those memories could not be replaced or redone.

They are simply priceless to me and my family. They are a little 'legacy of us' that one day, many years from now, will show someone who we were and what our life was like at our times. Hey, I want to exist in them even after I take my last breath!

Why don't you #existinphotographs too?!

So invest your money in a beautiful keepsake that not only YOU but also the generations to come will love and hold precious forever. Whether it is a photo album, a wall art or a stunning conversation-starter-piece like this folio box that everyone will love and admire.

Is it worth it? .... Yes it is!


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