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What do you do with your photographs?

With all the digital technology available to us it has become super easy to snap a photo of our everyday life documenting it as it happens. Some invest in services of a professional to photograph them or their special occasion. And it's all wonderful but what do you do with all those amazing images?

Do they sit somewhere on your hard drive or USB stick or perhaps a CD and you might look at them next time you need to free up some space? The sad truth about data storage is that no medium for data storage will last forever. Most of them are replaced by a new storage method before long. Did you know that?

Do you actually make the effort to select your favorites, put them on a USB stick and drive to a printer to have them printed? Then do you run around few stores looking for suitable frames or order some online?

Do you choose prints or canvases or metal prints or perhaps some other, new cool media to have your photos printed on? Once you assemble all together and created a nice art work, do you hang them on your walls or display them on your piano or mantel where everyone will see it as soon as they enter the room? What would their reaction be like? How would YOU feel seeing those timeless portraits lining up the staircase or hallway?

Perhaps you gift them to the grandparents and make their hearts jump with love and joy? Like we did! And it was the most appreciated and loved gift that Nana got for her birthday this year.

Do you find the time to spend few hours searching and selecting your photos, then creating a beautiful photo album that you can display on your coffee table and look through it anytime you sit down for a minute to enjoy your Sunday coffee or show it proudly to your friends and then tell them the story behind every image in the album?

Or do you pull out that classy folio box and show off each portrait one by one?

This whole process might seem like a lot of work to get to that final stage of having something to display round your house but trust me it is worth the effort. It's what makes your house your home.

Hold on to that last thought of you looking at your images and holding the final products in your hands without doing any of the work behind creating them. Would you pay someone to do it for you, be it a simple print, framed wall art collection or ready-to-hang large canvases; perhaps a stunning folio box with your matted portraits or a beautifully designed photo album?

You have the option of letting your professional photographer to take care of sizing, printing, framing, ordering and much more that goes into this creative process. But at the end, having your images in some tangible form on a display rather then stored somewhere away is simply priceless.

So what will you do with your photographs?


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